How To Help Keep Us Going Strong

We've had so much fun meeting you all and participating in so many different activities.

We have lots of exciting events planned for the upcoming months and can't wait to announce them! Unlike some groups we do not charge a membership fee to be part of SAN DI-ASIANs.

All organizers and event hosts are volunteers. We try our hardest to secure the best deals we can at our events for our members. There are however some operating costs in running the group, so there are several ways that you can help us maintain this great Meetup:

* Mogl - With every purchase made at a Mogl-partnered restaurant, Mogl users will receive a reward of between 1% and 50%, of which you can choose to donate to our fundraiser. Signing up for Mogl is free! If you wish to donate, you may use the link below to donate your earned (free) rewards from dining to the San Di-Asians Meetup group.

* Cash Donations - This is quick and easy, just find Toan, Pam, or Rich at any of our Meetup Events and hand us the funds.  


*PayPal - We accept donations via Paypal.




Thank you for your ongoing support and making our group so successful!


Big THANKS to the following members for their generous donations.  








San Di-Asians Organizers,

Toan, Pam, & Rich